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“I was brought to South Shore Bank by a client of mine, someone I respect that I trust. He brought me in to meet Cate Adams over at South Shore Bank. Cate and I sat down, we talked about what my plans were for both this facility and the business as we move forward through the next five, ten, twenty years.”- Andy Everleigh, CEO of Environmental Pools

“We've had the business, but we haven't owned the building, and we haven't been able to invest in it. South Shore Bank allowed us to do that.” -  Liz Lima, Owner of South Shore Sports Center & South Shore Select

“It’s the relationship and the quality of the touches that I got from the loan quotes all the way up to the CEO, being able to meet with everyone. The CEO actually took me around to meet some potential clients and open up some doors. So they really want to see us grow.” - Sheldon Lloyd, CEO & Founder of City Fresh Foods

“South Shore Bank secured a multi-million-dollar loan for us. They work just as hard for us as we do for our clients. They’re not just helping our bottom line; they’re helping us make our community more accessible for everyone.” - Justin Gordon, CEO of Amramp

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A.W. Perry, Inc.

"With any interaction, we get consistent attention. We know that our loans are not going to get shipped out and bought by someone else; we are local, and we like to do business locally. Whenever we have questions South Shore Bank is easy to reach."
Read More about A.W. Perry, Inc.


“When referring someone to South Shore Bank, I would ask if they wanted to be treated as more than a number by people who are excellent with numbers. Working with South Shore Bank is forming a long-term partnership, where they treat us just as we treat our best customers.”  Read More about Amramp

The Arc of Greater Brockton

“I’ve known South Shore Bank for a while now along with many of the individuals involved. They’re a well-respected local bank that gets the idea of community service and knows that it means to be involved in and support a community and its businesses.” Read More about The Arc of Greater Brockton

Braintree Rug Company

"From the beginning to the completion of the application process, your staff was available to answer questions. During a trying time in our country with concerns and nervousness about the unknown COVID-19 virus and business shutdowns, it was truly nice to have South Shore Bank guide us through the loan dilemma." Read More about Braintree Rug Company

Cara Group Travel

“South Shore Bank is not like any bank that I have worked with before. Regardless of who you deal with they make you feel like you are their most important customer. Whether it is a communication through email, a chat on the phone or going into a branch the warm welcome and willingness to help is consistent.” Read More about Cara Group Travel

Cheever Tavern

“Rate is just part of the equation, and South Shore Bank is always competitive. But it’s important to work with someone who knows me and knows the market and where my business actually means something. It’s cliche to say you always want to ‘be more than a number,’ but that’s where South Shore Bank stands out.”  Read More about Cheever Tavern

Cindi’s Hair Studio

"There’s few places you can walk into where they know not only your name, but your dog’s name. The bankers at South Shore Bank connect on a personal level and care about my business. I can’t say enough about the feeling of partnership I have with South Shore Bank." Read More about Cindi’s Hair Studio


“On top of the client service being exceptional, I would say the single biggest and most important differentiator is that South Shore Bank’s commercial lending team has more vision than other banks in seeing the investment opportunity while also being responsible in its risk-taking.”  Read More about CMBG3

Commonwealth Building, Inc.

“The hands-on in-person communication and service is what made the difference for me - when I recently worked with Paul Moriarty for our commercial lending needs and line of credit, he was there every step of the way for me, guiding and assisting to ensure a seamless closing.”  Read More about Commonwealth Building, Inc.

Corrections LLC

"South Shore Bank played a key role in getting my business to the next level." Read More about Corrections LLC

Cottage Caregivers

"South Shore Bank is perfect for the needs of small businesses and we would recommend to others because of the positive experiences we have had with both the people and the services of the Bank". Read More about Cottage Caregivers

Curry Ace Paint & Hardware

"South Shore Bank feels like a family bank. They know my name and what my business is. That feeling of being genuine is appreciated and you just don’t get that everywhere anymore – in any store."  Read More about Curry Ace Paint & Hardware

Dependable Cleaners

"South Shore Bank made the process simple, and I received confirmation in just a few weeks...We are so thankful to South Shore Bank and their efforts with getting us this grant. It’s an excellent example of how they help our community.” Read More about Dependable Cleaners

Early Childhood Preschool and Learning Center

“They’ve been wonderful since day one. When I switched to ACH debiting instead of checks, South Shore Bank explained the whole process. They relieved any fear or apprehension I may have had. Their cybersecurity is excellent, and the system is easy. Whenever I have questions, they are available.”   Read More about Early Childhood Preschool and Learning Center

Grow Associates

“South Shore Bank has always been a partner we can rely on. It understands the needs of our community and is not shy about putting time and resources into meeting those needs. During this tough time, its team’s many hours of overtime and selfless acts are a real testament to the bank." Read More about Grow Associates

Guilty Bakery

"As always it just continued to be on the list of things to do, as a small business this list is constantly growing , and once the pandemic hit and our needs changed as a business, we knew we needed more." Read More about Guilty Bakery

Heart of Oak

“We collaborate with people who will look out for our best interests and, in return, we look out for theirs. We have that relationship with South Shore Bank. Our first house purchase with them went so smoothly that when we needed to fund an important 2.5 million waterfront deal, we made sure to work with South Shore Bank.” Read More about Heart of Oak

LPM Holding Company

“LPM had been conducting large weekly transactions with a food supply vendor in an area where the Bank does not have a location. Our checks were being intercepted, but the Bank’s Positive Pay program detected the fraud immediately. The Bank’s use of this tool was a godsend.” Read More about LPM Holding Company

Max & Mia Children’s Salon

“There is always someone to talk to and answer any questions I may have. I receive personal, consistent attention and know that the Bank staff genuinely cares,”  Read More about Max & Mia Children’s Salon

MoveTrek Mobility

“For almost 20 years, South Shore Bank has been there for me and my company and, during the pandemic, they showed their commitment again.” Read More about MoveTrek Mobility

Popular Contracting

"The online system is great, and the use of the app is handy; the mobile check depositing is an appreciated tool. The process was straightforward, and the technological advances being up to date made it even easier.” Read More about Popular Contracting

Quincy Community Action Programs, Inc.

"The service during the loan financing was so outstanding that we moved all of our Head Start accounts to South Shore Bank.” Read More about Quincy Community Action Programs, Inc.

Red Door Real Estate

“I switched not only my business accounts to South Shore Bank, but my personal accounts and home mortgage, as well. Refinancing my mortgage was seamless. Everyone involved kept checking in to make sure that nothing slipped through the cracks.” Read More about Red Door Real Estate

Regal Marketplace

“We don’t feel like a number here. The convenience of mobile banking is great for our business, and we also appreciate the ability to go into a branch to interact with tellers who know us by name. We truly feel supported in our goals.”   Read More about Regal Marketplace

Resident Salon Services

“South Shore Bank treats you as a person; you’re not just a number”.  Read More about Resident Salon Services

Rustic Marlin

“South Shore Bank not only meets but exceeds our expectations. They made the transition to their bank a seamless experience. We tend to have very hectic schedules as small business owners, and they made our transition stress free.”  Read More about Rustic Marlin

SeamansMedia Inc.

"Our goal was to find a new and much-improved financial partner who could help us with all (or nearly all) of our financial needs. It is 100% true in the most critical situations. South Shore Bank embraces the critical and indispensable position they hold with our clients.”   Read More about SeamansMedia Inc.

S&W Electric

“Banking can be painful; there is an incredible amount of regulations. South Shore Bank has managed to create straightforward processes; the documents are simple and don’t take all day to read.” Read More about S&W Electric

Scandia Kitchens

"When we switched our relationship over to South Shore Bank, we saw a level of respect and partnership like no other. That one experience really changed the whole relationship. South Shore Bank stepped in and went absolutely above and beyond to make sure we got what we needed. The Bank’s values and morals just align with the type of people that we are.” Read More about Scandia Kitchens


“It has always been a dream of mine to own a restaurant, and I can’t think of a better location. When I approached South Shore Bank about it, they were familiar with the spot, and their lending team even drove down to the property to talk with me about my vision. They could see the potential, and also understood the importance of building a business that focuses on relationships and community." Read More about Shipwrecked

South Shore Conservatory

"Although there are lots of opportunities for banking in our region, South Shore Bank is special because of the shared values between our organization and the Bank." Read More about South Shore Conservatory

South Shore Habitat for Humanity

"As a small, nonprofit organization, the full-suite of mortgaging services that South Shore Bank provides is a huge help and essential to not only reducing costs, but also in providing banking expertise, which, in turn, allows South Shore Habitat to focus on our mission." Read More about South Shore Habitat for Humanity

South Shore Peer Recovery

"Mark would certainly recommend South Shore Bank to others mainly because the Bank is attentive and committed to its unique needs as a small business and is always responsive." Read More about South Shore Peer Recovery

South Shore Sports Center

“Important across all of our organizations are the tenets of community and giving back. South Shore Bank shares those values, and you can see it in how they treat their clients and how they serve the community, I refer people to them because I believe in them. They are about relationships, not transactions, and that is why I will continue to be loyal to South Shore Bank.” Read More about South Shore Sports Center

The Snug

“We love that we can walk downtown to see them at the Hingham branch, and when we call, they answer the phone. With other banks you can get lost in the shuffle, but South Shore Bank is completely customer-oriented. I have talked to other businesses who can’t say enough good things about their services." Read More about The Snug

Trident Surgical, LLC

"Having local people at the Bank who are ingrained in the community provides the opportunity to develop relationships. You get to know and see each other around the community." Read More about Trident Surgical, LLC

Verde Salon

"Being women in business, we have experienced challenges where we have had to prove our merit as entrepreneurs. At South Shore Bank, we are always treated with respect. We could feel confident our business was a priority.”   Read More about Verde Salon

Yankee Sprinkler Co.

"We have been with our previous bank for decades and throughout the switching process, Steve DiPrete and his team were there every step of the way. They thoroughly helped us work through the process,“it’s big enough to handle our needs, but small enough to provide personal attention to our needs simultaneously.”   Read More about Yankee Sprinkler Co.