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  1. Elatus Essential Support Services, Inc.

    “Every team member [of South Shore Bank] I’ve met goes above and beyond to come up with solutions for my specialized business needs.” David Rapaport, Veteran, CEO, Elatus Essential Support Services, Inc.

    Elatus Essential Support Services, Inc.

    Veteran David Rapaport served our country for almost 33 years, first in the Army Reserve, then the National Guard followed by tours of duty in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iraq. Using his GI Bill benefits, Rapaport earned graduate degrees in education, mental health counseling and management and he has since become the CEO of his company Elatus Essential Support Services, Inc, which offers professional representative payee and fiduciary services to underserved adults at risk of homelessness and addiction. Through Elatus, he helps these vulnerable populations build independence, gain financial literacy and confidence, and facilitate “living the life they want, not the one they have to settle for.

    This work requires a multitude of reliable banking resources, and Rapaport has been using South Shore Bank for several years. “I got involved with South Shore Bank when they sponsored me for the VETRN entrepreneurship program,” he says. VETRN (The Veteran Entrepreneurship Training and Resource Network) is designed to help veteran-owned businesses build operational capacity, increase revenues and create sustainable jobs. South Shore Bank is a longtime supporter of this important program: “We are proud to help veteran small business owners in establishing and expanding their businesses,” says South Shore Bank President and CEO James Dunphy.

    Elatus was founded with the promise to help others not by controlling their money, but by managing it. In David’s words, through Elatus “We help at-risk and underserved populations reach the level of financial competence that they are comfortable with. Many of the people we collaborate with need support in managing their limited funds. We provide budget management, as well as access to resources and a healthy dose of empathy and support.”

    When Rapaport’s clients receive income, Elatus helps them budget, allocate their spending and allow for savings. Rapaport relies on South Shore Bank for all of his clients’ accounts. “Everyone at South Shore Bank is willing to work with me and develop compliant solutions that meet our needs,” says Rapaport. “I am responsible for over $1 million in protected assets and often need to work with South Shore Bank to protect my clients' funds. South Shore Bank ensures that I am successful. No matter what I need, they find a way to make it work. Retail Officer of the Columbian Square Branch, MonaLisa Rodrigues-McLaren is fantastic, as is the rest of the team.”

    "I am most impressed with how South Shore Bank is taking initiative in upgrading their services. They are coming up with banking strategies that are a perfect fit for the people I serve,” says Rapaport. One new South Shore Bank program that Rapaport is thrilled about is the reloadable card system. Reloadable cards allow you to pay bills and get cash at ATMs. There is no credit check required for a reloadable card, and, because you can only spend funds loaded to the card, you cannot overdraw so there is no risk of overdraft fees. “These cards are absolutely ideal for my clients that are challenged in handling cash.”

    South Shore Bank is committed to creating banking systems that facilitate financial wellness for all residents of the South Shore. “I’ve been working with South Shore Bank for over five years now,” says Rapaport, “and every team member I’ve met goes above and beyond to come up with solutions for my specialized business needs.”

  2. Child-Genovese Insurance Agency, Inc.

    “We switched our business accounts over to South Shore Bank and they make banking a piece of cake.” Bill Genovese, President, Child-Genovese Insurance Agency, Inc.

    Child-Genovese Insurance Agency, Inc.

    Child-Genovese Insurance Agency, Inc. (CGI) has a proud history that dates back to 1892. President, William Genovese, has been with the company for 35 years and under his leadership brought the Boston and Hingham offices together to create one South Shore location at 107 South Street in Hingham. CGI provides both personal and commercial insurance.

    CGI enjoys that South Shore Bank is right next to them on South Street in Hingham. Genovese feels fortunate to have the bank as both a neighbor and the servicer of their commercial accounts. “South Shore Bank works hard to make banking easy for businesses.” CGI reports that the bank handles their commercial banking needs not only skillfully, but also personably. “The employees get to know their customers and treat them like family. CGI has built a close relationship with South Shore Bank.”

    Hingham Branch Retail Officer Jackie Maffeo who assists with Genovese Business Checking accounts “… is fantastic, she’s always right there for us.” As is John Mannion, Vice-President of Business Banking and Team Leader for Small Business. With his expert knowledge of commercial banking, John has arranged lines of credit for CGI. “I have known John for years, and he is a wonderful person,” says Genovese. Knowing that South Shore Bank’s team can and will handle its needs gives CGI great peace of mind. “Every day, we are dealing with finances in our business, it is crucial that banking goes smoothly. We switched our business accounts over to South Shore Bank and they make banking a piece of cake.”

    Both CGI and South Shore Bank are committed to their clients and to the community they serve. The two have been able to work together on a number of community initiative. “We love that we can work together with South Shore Bank supporting town athletics, hosting social events and sponsoring Hingham’s Christmas on the Square. We are committed neighbors,” says Genovese

    The commitment to client is top of mind for Genovese. “Our goal is to make sure that we provide coverage that protects our clients to the fullest extent at their time of need.” Hingham is a coastal town and CGI being in such close proximity to the coast, has developed considerable expertise in boating insurance. The company’s expertise in jewelry coverage has earned them member status with the Jewelers Mutual Insurance President’s Club for the past ten years. Additionally, this past year, Genovese received Jewelers Mutual Insurance’s Producer of the Year Award.

    Doing business in a town where he has roots, allows Genovese to further connect with his clients. After almost four decades with the company, Genovese says that his favorite aspect of the business is client contact. “Our downtown location allows people to walk right in the door and meet with us personally. I enjoy learning about people—their lives and their businesses. The children of our clients have grown up and become clients. It’s so rewarding to see things come full circle.”

    Even in his own business things are coming full circle as, Genovese’s daughter, Rachel recently joined CGI. Previously an accountant for Plymouth Rock, she is working with production and renewals. Genovese is proud that she is offering her skill set to CGI’s exceptional insurance services, right in their hometown.

    CGI is happy to bank with an institution that shares its values of serving the client and serving the community.

  3. Shepard Construction

    “. . . the personal attention the Bank gives their clients goes a long way.” Bob Shepard, Owner, Shepard Construction

    Shepard Construction

    Bob Shepard of Shepard Construction and Development, LLC has more than 30 years of experience in real estate development, acquisition, construction and property management. His portfolio includes a 370,000 square foot landmark office in Boston, The Cook Estate in Cohasset and many beautiful residential homes. He has also worked internationally, creating a 594-unit Caribbean resort. With such an established and booming business, Bob and his staff need a bank that accommodates busy schedules, while at the same time securely and efficiently managing their accounts.

    Bob’s first introduction to South Shore Bank was through the Hingham Branch and its Retail Officer, Jackie Maffeo. Jackie assisted Bob in opening an account and he was immediately impressed by how welcoming she was. “Jackie makes you feel like you belong at South Shore Bank. She is a tremendously sincere person.”

    Shepard Construction’s hardworking team also appreciates the quality and convenient service provided by South Shore Bank. Bob’s employees are impressed with how convenient it is to work with South Shore Bank: “Their hours of operation can accommodate people who can’t get to a bank before 4,” says Bob. “My whole staff receives service that is off the charts. When you go to the branch, the Bank’s team takes care of you right away.” In addition to a great experience through the branch, Bob also commends Tom Gillen, South Shore Bank First Vice President and Commercial Lending Officer who brings 40 years of banking experience to his clients.

    “Tom is a gentleman,” says Bob. “And he helps the whole lending process go smoothly.” Bob is not only impressed with the service South Shore Bank provides its clients, he also respects South Shore Bank’s commitment to serving its community. “Every charitable event I go to, I see someone from South Shore Bank, including Bank CEO Jim Dunphy. The bank truly participates in the community; and not just in name.” At two recent non-profit organization events, Bob was impressed to see Jackie Maffeo and John Mannion, Vice President Small Business Banking Team leader actively involved in the events. And Bob sees Jim Dunphy at so many community events, he jokes that Jim must have a clone. “He is out there walking the walk,” says Bob. “He is incredibly accessible to all his clients. That is rare for a bank CEO.”

    Shepard Construction and Development offers superior craftsmanship for both commercial and residential projects. They are committed to making their clients happy and chose a bank that helps them be efficient and that also shares their devotion to the South Shore community. In closing, Bob understands that “. . . the personal attention the Bank gives their clients goes a long way.” That paired with the fact that “South Shore Bank does so much good for the community,” makes South Shore Bank a company Bob is proud to be affiliated with.

  4. SRC Medical Inc.

    “My portfolio manager, Matt Pretti, and even CEO Jim Dunphy pick up the phone every time I call. This isn’t something I’ve experienced with a bank before.” Roy Tinkham, President and Lisa Raasch, Sec./Treasurer of SRC Medical Inc.

    SRC Medical Inc.

    Driving down the back roads of Hanover and coming upon a low one-story metal fab building doesn’t give one much pause until you open the door and meet Roy Tinkham and Lisa Raasch and witness the hum and buzz of several immaculate pieces of equipment and well over 50 clean suit clad workers. This is SRC Medical Inc. Started in 1972 by Howard (Ted) C. Tinkham Jr., the FDA/ISO certified facility manufactures molded plastics for some of the most well-known pharmaceutical and medical supply companies. Currently, sister and brother co-own the company with Roy Tinkham serving in the role of President and Lisa as Secretary/Treasurer.

    SRC recently transferred its business banking to South Shore Bank. Roy says they had gotten to the point with their former bank were “we just felt like we weren’t that important anymore.” Since making the move to South Shore Bank, Roy and Lisa have been thrilled that not only does the Bank offer all of the business banking services that they need, but also helped them to close on a significant construction loan to expand their manufacturing space very quickly – with the build out due to be completed by the end of this summer. Lisa has been pleased with how efficient South Shore’s Cash Management and Online Banking services have been, “I use Business Online Banking all the time. It’s so easy to use and is so helpful to not have to go to the bank every day.” Most importantly, Roy and Lisa have developed a strong relationship with Matt Pretti, AVP, Portfolio Manager at the Bank. “He picks up the phone every time I call. Even if I call Jim (Dunphy), he gets right on the phone and is very accessible. This isn’t something I’ve experienced with a bank before,” says Roy.

    Roy and Lisa are excited to continue to build the company that their father started. Roy is happy to have his sons working alongside him and know that they, like him, have a responsibility to carry on Ted’s legacy. SRC has real growth attitude and Roy knows South Shore Bank is willing and ready to partner with them in their growth.

  5. AirCycler®

    “Technology has created a new world order - business happens fast . . . Banking needs to keep up . . . and with South Shore Bank it does.” Jason Wolfson, Owner, AirCycler®


    AirCycler®, as Jason explains, “designs, manufactures and sells ventilation controllers for energy efficient homes. We are incorporated under the name Lipidex but doing business under the name of the product line AirCycler®.” He has been in business for over 30 years and “in those years I’ve had relationships with a dozen or so banks and now I’ve moved everything to South Shore Bank . . . and it’s been wonderful.” Through South Shore Bank Jason maintains 2 business accounts, a corporate line of credit, a commercial mortgage, and a merchant services account. Additionally, South Shore Bank holds Jason’s personal accounts and his home mortgage.

    In our recent conversation with Jason he spoke about what really makes the banking relationship with South Shore Bank work.

    In general, Jason points to the fact that South Shore Bank is both big enough to offer the latest technological tools while still being personal enough to be highly responsive to his businesses’ individualized needs.

    As far as tools that benefit him and his business, Jason is quick to reference Business Online Banking, a tool which is essential to a business owner who often has work around the clock. Like a true business person, Jason has calculated the time and money he saves with the mobile deposit feature of Online Banking. “Previously, I drove to a local branch two to three times a week to make deposits. Each visit took about 5 minutes . . . but you do that three times a week, 50 weeks a year, that’s 150 visits equaling 10 hours a year – mobile deposits save me all that time. I take my smart phone and click, click, click and I’m done . . . these tools are fantastic!”

    Jason also loves the 24/7 access Online Banking provides. “If I need to check balances or move money around I can do it from anywhere. Hey, if I need to pull money out of my corporate account and put it in my personal account, I can do it at 2 o’clock in the morning from Paris.”

    International wire transfer is another tool this owner of an international business utilizes. Through South Shore Bank’s Cash Management Services Jason is able to pay foreign vendors securely and in a timely fashion. “Three clicks and I can transfer payments to international vendors and the transfer happens in real time – with other banks there used to be a one-day delay for vendors receiving payments.”

    But at the end of the day tools do not replace the importance of great customer service. Jason works specifically with Commercial Lender Mike Healy and the business relationship they have forged is critical for Jason. “Mike sends me emails when I know he’s not in the office – often it’s afterhours or on the weekends – he responds so quickly – it’s fantastic and very reassuring.” Jason says Mike’s knowledge of the financial world; his flexibility and his responsiveness are must haves in his banking relationship.

    The tools SSB provide and their excellent client care means I don’t have to spend a lot of time banking. Jason says, “I want to do my banking quickly and easily and most importantly securely. . . South Shore Bank has all the tools to accomplish this so it makes my life really easy. I don’t spend much time on banking . . . I don’t want to . . . I want to spend my time with my customers and developing new products.”

    Jason works smart and is dedicated to his business. The speed and enthusiasm with which he talks about business is contagious. Equally contagious is his zest for life. He works hard and plays hard.

    In his own words “. . . there’s more to life than just working . . . travel, flying, scuba diving, sky diving . . . I love to explore the world. I want to experience how other people live, try new foods, learn about histories and cultures.” He recently tried learning salsa dancing and when asked how that went he jokes and laughs “. . . eh not well.”

    According to Jason, “Technology has created a “new world order” – business happens fast . . . banking needs to keep up and with South Shore Bank it does.”

  6. Sally's Chocolates

    “The branch employees all know who I am and take great care of me. I love walking into the branch and having them greet me personally!” Sally Pelrine, Owner

    NorthStar Insurance Services Lobby

    When Sally Pelrine was only 12 she had a local paper route and found herself in need of a place to safely store her earnings. Enter the North Weymouth branch of Weymouth Savings Bank (aka South Shore Bank as of 1997), where Sally opened her very first savings account. As Sally progressed through the stages of life, her banking needs continued to grow, leading her to open a checking account and then a joint checking account with her new husband, Glenn Pelrine. Together, Sally and Glenn financed the purchase of their home through South Shore Bank and later took out a South Shore Bank equity line of credit for home improvements.

    Although Sally spent many of her career years in office management she never lost sight of her lifelong dream of owning a bakery. In fact, to satisfy her creative side, Sally did cake decorating as a hobby.

    Five years ago, Sally found herself taking chocolate making classes. Her husband was of course eager to sample any of Sally’s creations. Realizing his wife’s talents, Glenn encouraged Sally to become more serious about her chocolate making. What began as a hobby transitioned to a home-based business, and in 2013 became a full-scale chocolate company, Sally’s Sweet Shoppe located at 1072 Washington St. in Weymouth.

    Of course, launching a business necessitated business accounts. Sally didn’t have to go far. While she was evolving and growing over the years, so was South Shore Bank. The Bank has been able to set Sally up with 3 business accounts that allow her to effectively and efficiently run her business.

    Sally utilizes online banking for both her personal and business banking and reports that she “loves it”. The technology is great, but Sally also still enjoys walking into the South Shore Bank’s Shaw’s Plaza Branch in Weymouth. “The branch employees all know who I am and take great care of me. I love walking into the branch and having them greet me personally!” Sally goes on to share that “the branch employees will ask if I am aware of other services offered and because of this, I am able to understand what will best fit my needs. In fact, I recently changed my credit card processing based on their recommendation and will save a lot in processing fees as a result.”

    When you enjoy Sally’s chocolates you’re not only enjoying delicious confections, you are participating in a local success story.

    South Shore Bank is proud to have partnered with Sally from paper girl to proprietor and Sally reports that she has been a very satisfied client of the Bank for more than 45 years.

  7. NorthStar Insurance Services

    “I need a banker I can trust, and I need a bank that supports my industry. I feel that South Shore Bank is that bank.” Ed Pierce of NorthStar Insurance Services

    NorthStar Insurance Services Lobby

    According to Ed Pierce of NorthStar Insurance Services, in the insurance brokerage industry, the company’s biggest asset does not show up on its balance sheet. So, when it comes to banking, it has been essential to find a financial institution that understands his industry. Ed is confident that he has that understanding in South Shore Bank and in his Commercial Banker, Kevin Joyce. “Kevin knows what my business is worth in a fire sale. He knows my business and I value that.”

    Ed has known and trusted Kevin since the inception of NorthStar in 1995, well before Kevin’s start with South Shore Bank in 2017. Asked if he was anxious about transferring his loans and business services to Kevin’s new employer, South Shore Bank, Ed says, “I was terrified.” Those fears were eased though, as Mr. Pierce was introduced to others from South Shore Bank including CEO, Jim Dunphy, and longtime commercial lending expert Paul Mollica. “I saw that Jim and Paul were interested in my business and its unique needs and that I wasn’t going to be alone.” Learning that a few of the Bank’s Board members are insurance company owners, further solidified Mr. Pierce’s confidence in South Shore Bank.

    Ed grew up in Wellesley the son of an insurance professional. Following in his father’s footsteps, Ed entered the insurance industry, first selling life insurance for 6 years, then working at an insurance brokerage and eventually opening NorthStar in 1995 which is now headquartered in Needham. Ed’s son, a CPA, has also joined NorthStar’s leadership team working to “maintain quality while continuing to grow the company.” NorthStar Insurance Services is one of New England’s largest independent insurance agencies providing business insurance and risk management along with personal insurance.

    For Ed, part of the success of his business, now and for the future, means choosing a bank with the track record of success. A self-described conservative businessman, Ed says, “I can’t afford to have my banking relationship go sideways. I need a banker I can trust, and I need a bank that supports my industry. I feel that South Shore Bank is that bank.”

    In addition to its commercial loan and business line of credit with the Bank, NorthStar also fully utilizes South Shore Bank’s Cash Management Services. Asked how a business located in Needham conducts business with a bank headquartered in the South Shore town of Weymouth, Ed says the geographic distance is not an issue. “With Business Online banking and South Shore Bank’s willingness to come to me, the relationship works.

    From Mr. Pierce’s perspective, “South Shore Bank has all the assets of a big bank while still maintaining the personal feel. That, combined with Kevin Joyce’s expertise in supporting the insurance industry, makes banking with South Shore Bank an easy choice.”

  8. Colony Rug

    “South Shore Bank gave us immediate personal attention, made the commercial loan process seamless, introduced us to Business Online Banking and even visited me in my show room. After 40 years with another bank it was time for a change. I chose South Shore Bank and I couldn’t be more pleased.” Paige Pieroni, Colony Rug.

    Paige Pieroni, Colony Rug

    Paige Pieroni, owner of Colony Rug, is not just running a business she’s upholding a legacy and South Shore Bank is proud to be part of her story.

    Three generations ago, Ms. Pieroni’s Armenian relatives brought the ancient craft of hooked and oriental rug making to the United States. Eventually the business was passed to her grandfather, Gregory Yacobian Sr., then to her mom and dad, Beverly Yacobian and John Martini, and in 2011 to Paige. Unlike other family businesses where the younger generation may feel pressured to become part of the family business, Paige made the conscious choice to leave a long career in sports marketing to take the helm at Colony Rug.

    Under Paige’s direction, she has assured that the business stays true to its roots while also evolving and growing to meet her clients’ needs. In 2017 to accommodate the company growth, Colony Rug worked with Commercial Realtor, Brian Murphy of Unicorn Realty to relocate the business from Hanover to Hingham. At this juncture Paige also deemed it was time to seek out a new bank that could accommodate their expansion. Enter South Shore Bank!

    Brian, is not only a realtor, but also a corporator at South Shore Bank. He introduced Paige to Tom Gillen, one of South Shore Bank’s trusted commercial lenders. Paige was immediately impressed with Tom and the bank’s business services. “Tom’s been fantastic ever since that first meeting. It was very refreshing having that immediate personal interaction and ease of communication. Not having been through the business loan process before and not knowing what to expect, Tom made it as seamless as possible. We had a 40-year relationship with another bank” Paige continues, “…but with our move from Hanover to the space in Hingham, it was time for a new beginning . . . we chose South Shore Bank and we couldn’t be happier.”

    Initially a retail carpet store in Hanover, Colony Rug now operates from their newly purchased 2-level showroom and state of the art warehouse in Hingham providing design services, fabrication and installation of their high-end textiles. Paige and her team, including husband Michael and childhood friend, Michelle O’Grady are proud of their roots and of their ability to grow. “We continue to work locally but now can also service clientele up and down the Eastern Seaboard as well as internationally.

    The relationship with South Shore Bank began with a commercial loan but is continually evolving. Colony Rug operates a line of credit with South Shore Bank, and fully embraces the bank’s Business Online Banking and mobile services. “It’s so convenient. I don’t have to go to the bank because the app works so well.” Paige can run her business instead of running to the bank, but she is impressed that she can connect with someone at the bank very quickly when needed. “Often today when you call a business, it means you call a 1-800 number and get dumped into phone tree, but when I call South Shore Bank I immediately get a human being.”

    As in her business with her clients, so it is in her relationship with South Shore Bank “Personal attention is critical for me.”

    Colony Rug
  9. Sampson Lumber

    “South Shore Bank really listened to us and gave us exactly what we were looking for . . state of the art technology combined with local, personal attention.” Dianne Sampson, Sampson Lumber.

    Sampson Lumber

    “Working with South Shore Bank is one of the best decisions we’ve made,” Dianne Sampson is quick to offer when talking about her experience with the us.This year, 2018, marks Sampson Lumber’s 40th year in business. Located in Pembroke, Sampson Lumber is a family owned business specializing in servicing contractors with their extensive supply of building materials: lumber (of course) and additionally, roofing, siding, kitchen cabinets, doors, windows and much more. Although 80% of their business is with contractors, Sampson is also well known to residential customers for their beautiful kitchen design display space.

    It was just over a year ago that South Shore Bank Corporator, Don LaLiberte invited Dianne to look into South Shore Bank. Dianne connected with Retail Officer, Cathy Cavicchi, at South Shore Bank’s Pembroke branch about moving their deposits to South Shore Bank. Subsequently, Dianne was introduced to Dan Picha, First Vice President of Commercial Services who structured several credit products designed to meet Sampson’s specific business needs. Both Cathy and Dan are thrilled to be working with Dianne and Sampson Lumber. “As a regional bank, we know the South Shore and we love serving locally based businesses and meeting all their unique business needs,” says Dan.

    According to Dianne, the banks that Sampson had previously done business with, had offered them one size fits all, cookie cutter services. Before moving to South Shore Bank, Sampson Lumber interviewed two other banks but it was only South Shore Bank “… that really listened to us and gave us exactly what we were looking for like state of the art technology combined with local, personal attention.”

    Besides the great service provided by South Shore Bank, Ms. Sampson reports that Sampson Lumber is saving upwards of $1,000 a month in bank fees. Dianne and her family find South Shore Bank to be “very user friendly and straightforward.” She goes on to say that when she works with South Shore Bank, “I feel like I’m talking to a person, not a stuffed shirt.”

  10. Troupe Waste & Recycling

    “I chose to bank with South Shore Bank because like my own business, South Shore Bank is a local business." Doug Troupe, Troupe Waste & Recyling

    Troupe Waste & Recycling

    Troupe Waste and Recycling, founded in 2004, is a local family business with a dedication to quality. Troupe takes pride in their experienced and courteous crews who offer fast and dependable services at competitive prices to both residential and commercial clients. In addition to trash pickup, the company offers single-stream recycling of cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum, and rents out Roll-Off dumpsters for construction and cleanouts in 4 different sizes.

    Company co-owner, Douglas Troupe, was happy to share his experience banking with South Shore Bank.

    Troupe says he “chose to bank with South Shore Bank because like my own business, South Shore Bank is a local business.

    The young entrepreneur continued, “with larger banks, getting personalized service has always been an issue, but with South Shore Bank I get personal service and access to products that are customized to my business needs.”

    Doug spends much of his time on the road and being able to stop by a branch anywhere from Pembroke to Stoughton is a real plus. The locations throughout the South Shore provide the convenience Troupe is looking for. “It’s so much better than banking with a large corporate machine over a 1-800 number. People are the greatest asset South Shore Bank has. Working with the staff at South Shore Bank has been fantastic – they are sincere about wanting to assist me and my business.”

    As a growing business, Troupe Waste and Recycling wanted a bank that could meet their growing needs. “Our relationship with South Shore Bank has grown over the years and will continue to grow into the future,” concludes Troupe.

  11. LaserLight Skin Care

    “The services South Shore Bank provided in evaluating my business needs and the financing rates they quoted were far superior to what other banks were offering.” Patty Funder, LaserLight Skin Clinic

    Patty Funder, Laserlight Skin Care

    LaserLight Skin Clinic, located in Norwell, provides skin rejuvenation treatments, hair removal and teeth whitening services all in a place that is private, cost-effective, professional and welcoming.

    Patty Funder previously worked as a Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance manager in the Medical Device and Biotech industry, but her entrepreneurial spirit led to her to open the laser clinic in July 2006. “I saw people spending money on skin care methods and products that either did not work, or which were not accessible to the average person,” said Patty. “I created LaserLight to give everyone an opportunity to look his or her best.”

    Patty initially learned about South Shore Bank a business networking group to which she belonged. Additionally, Patty’s mother banked at South Shore Bank, and Patty appreciated the care and the personal assistance the bank’s staff showed her mother. When Patty made a decision to grow LaserLight to a new level, she chose South Shore Bank. “The people at South Shore Bank worked with me like they were members of my own business team,” said Patty. “The service they provided in evaluating LaserLight’s needs and the financing rates they quoted, were far superior to what other banks were offering.” Currently, Patty conducts both her business and personal banking with SSB. “The benefits and breadth of South Shore Bank’s personal and business banking services far exceeded anything I was getting at other banks,” said Patty. “I tell people all the time that they should do their banking with South Shore Bank.”

    Laserlight Skin Care logo

  12. PES Associates, Inc.

    “South Shore Bank has all the assets of a big bank but has a neighborhood feel.” Stephan White, PES Associates, Inc.

    PES Associates, Inc.

    Stephan White is President of PES Associates, Inc. is headquartered in Hingham. The firm provides environmental and engineering services throughout North America. PES Associates, Inc. clients include several Fortune 500 Companies, local and national banks, investors, developers and industrial companies. PES Associates, Inc. provides their clients the information and expertise needed to make sound real estate decisions. The firm’s services include environmental consulting, property needs assessments, indoor air quality, and remediation. PES Associates, Inc. credits its success to its incredible staff and the successful solutions they deliver to clients.

    Stephan says he banks with South Shore Bank “because they understand my needs and are extremely friendly. They know my business and they know me.”

    Stephan reports that he has a great relationship with his loan officer who, along with other members of the Bank team, is extremely accessible. “South Shore Bank has all the assets of a big bank but has a neighborhood feel – it’s personal service, not lip service,” shares Stephan. If asked to describe his experience with South Shore Bank in one word, Stephan quickly answers “Exceptional”!

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