Massasoit Community College Opens New South Shore Bank Center for Data Science & Analytics

Massasoit Community College Opens New South Shore Bank Center for Data Science & Analytics  

Brockton, MA (December 9, 2022) – Massasoit Community College is celebrating the opening of the new South Shore Bank Center for Data Science and Analytics. The new center will serve as a crucial resource for the College’s new data science transfer program, providing a dedicated space for the study of data science and the technology resources needed for in-person classes, lectures, student study, and research.  The center was made possible by South Shore Bank to make data science study accessible to community college students and to replenish the workforce with needed new talent.  

The South Shore Bank Center for Data Science and Analytics at Massasoit is designed to provide students with state-of-the-art technology to enhance study and student collaboration. It features a new seventy-five-inch interactive touchscreen display and a new forty-three-inch display panel in the student workshop area. Students will be using the Python language and the IDLE and Anaconda navigator integrated development environments. Students in the data science transfer program will take classes in data science, Python programming language, data visualization, data structures, and algorithms. The center provides the perfect environment and resources for Massasoit students to complete the first two years of study toward a bachelor’s degree in data science – saving them considerable costs when compared to enrolling in a four-year program.  

“As workforce demands across Southeast Massachusetts change, colleges need to adapt to ensure that students have the skills their future employers need,” said Ray DiPasquale, President of Massasoit Community College. “Massasoit’s computer science and data science transfer programs and the South Shore Bank Center for Data Science and Analytics will do just that. We are grateful to South Shore Bank for their gift to make the center a reality.” 

“South Shore Bank is proud to help provide access to valuable data science and analytics training to Massasoit’s students,” said South Shore Bank CEO James Dunphy. “We are supporting those interested in earning degrees and pursuing careers with opportunity while helping our industry attract the brightest and best-trained workers for the future.” 

“The knowledge and experience Massasoit’s students will gain in this classroom are readily transferable to real world use. There’s a need for trained data science and analytics professionals, not only at South Shore Bank, but it’s also a growing field,” added Chris McGowan, Chief Data and Robotics Automation Officer, South Shore Bank. 

South Shore Bank and Massasoit Community College share a deep commitment to developing community programs that provide growth and education for the residents of Southeastern Massachusetts. Both institutions look forward to continuing those efforts around financial literacy, ongoing employee training and skills development for the benefit of employees and employers, and providing solutions to meet the financial needs of the community.  

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