Scandia Kitchens

Founded and incorporated in 1978, Scandia Kitchens, Inc. has been a trusted name in the kitchen cabinetry business. It has a line of satisfied clientele and a great reputation in the New England region. This family-owned business stands behind the quality of the products they manufacture.  

David Dorrer Sr., owner of Scandia Kitchens, began his woodworking career in high school at a custom cabinet factory and because of his dedication, drive, and grit, he worked his way up there from being a foreman to a designer and salesperson. We spoke with two of the people who know David the best – his daughters Colleen Lord and Kristen Long and they shared with us the entrepreneurial lessons they learned from their father.  

“No corners are ever cut except for those on the pieces of wood,” remarked Kristen. “Quality is one of the most important things for our father and that’s what we will always maintain, that is the business.” 

Colleen Lord, David's youngest daughter, works in the design and marketing area of the business. After graduating, she spent half a decade as an apprentice to her father learning the ins and outs of running the business. “Our business is based on referrals, we always put our best foot forward. Part of my dad’s success is just being a good, genuine, honest person.” Kristen added that “he is a hardworking guy and people genuinely like and trust him. No hype. Every single project he works on he treats as if he is working on his own house. He makes sure he does everything right for the customer.” 

Both Scandia Kitchens and South Shore Bank share similar values when it comes to what it takes to create lasting relationships with clients.  Kristen, Scandia Kitchens’ Director of Finance, shared that she trusts banking with South Shore Bank, “Their guidance, their opinions, and financial expertise – I count on it. I trust their business sense on a personal and business level.”  

Kristen continued “We’ve had a lot of banks in the past. When we switched our relationship over to South Shore Bank, we saw a level of respect and partnership like no other. In fact, our father switched all of his accounts over to South Shore Bank as well. That one experience really changed the whole relationship. South Shore Bank stepped in and went absolutely above and beyond to make sure we got what we needed. The Bank’s values and morals just align with the type of people that we are.” Colleen added that South Shore Bank made her father “feel safe, confident and protected with his money.” 

“South Shore Bank genuinely cares about us and looks after us. When we design kitchens for people, we are also building relationships with people and their families. It is really a personal thing — South Shore Bank is similar in that regard. They genuinely care about us as a small business.” 

Both Kristin and Colleen agreed that they feel “we’re so lucky to have him as our business mentor and as our dad.” South Shore Bank is fortunate to have Scandia Kitchens as our client.