S&W Electric

Fifteen years ago, Brian Washburn and Matt Sylvia started S&W Electrical Contractors as a partnership. Through dedication and skill, they have now grown it into a full-service electrical contracting firm with 74 employees and an expansive office in Bridgewater. S&W Electric provides commercial and high-end residential consulting, design-build, and install service for all phases of electrical wiring. Their focus on customer satisfaction, timeliness, integrity and teamwork has made them a standout business whose portfolio includes projects for Ocean Spray, PayPal and the Smithsonian Institution.

In 2017 and 2018, S&W Electric obtained commercial building mortgages through South Shore Bank and the transactions could not have been smoother. “The appraisal process was easy, and everyone was fantastic to work with. South Shore Bank’s lenders, attorneys and leadership team facilitated the process from beginning to end,” says Washburn.

S&W Electric’s controller, Artie Wright, says that the backing they have received from South Shore Bank “is a huge part of the reason why we have been able to flourish.” Wright also appreciates South Shore Bank’s streamlined process: “Banking can be painful; there is an incredible amount of regulations. South Shore Bank has managed to create straightforward processes; the documents are simple and don’t take all day to read.”

S&W Electric places great value on customer satisfaction and client relationships, and appreciates that South Shore Bank has the same focus. “President and CEO James Dunphy took the time to speak with us personally. He is incredibly easy to talk to; we can speak to him about multiple topics and be completely candid, which is refreshing,” says Washburn.

The members of South Shore Bank’s lending team are empowered to make decisions quickly, which allows for quicker, more efficient transactions. “We always appreciate working with Matt Pretti (Assistant Vice President and Portfolio Manager) and Bob Corcoran (Senior Vice President and Team Leader),” says Washburn. “I recommend Matt to people all the time. He’s an excellent facilitator and a patient person, and Bob has gone above and beyond for us. We are grateful to have people so knowledgeable and committed looking out for our interests.”

S&W Electric also has high praise for South Shore Bank’s business banking services. “We’ve been so impressed with South Shore Bank’s lending team that in 2019 we moved our accounts over to them,” says Washburn. “Aside from a few items that had to be signed in person, everything was accomplished remotely. The online system was up and functional right away. Their Specialty Banking Coordinator, Jill Vail, was critical to the process; she did a great job coordinating the entire endeavor. Setting up remote deposit and ACH transfers has saved us a lot of time. You can tell that South Shore Bank takes a lot of pride in staying up to date with technology. They have made it very easy for people to use their system.”

When it came to choosing a bank, S&W Electric wanted one that was local, but also capable of supporting its growth. Consistently providing quality electrical services with commitment and character for almost two decades has enabled Sylvia and Washburn’s enterprise to soar. “Brian and his partner Matt have been great to work with, as well as their controller, Artie,” says Corcoran. “They run things in a very professional and organized manner. I’m impressed by their ability to grow a business rapidly while not taking on too much risk or leverage.”

S&W Electric’s success is also attributable to hard work and a proactive employment ethic. “We are never complacent,” says Washburn. “We don’t let problems linger, but address them right away. We also let our employees spread their wings and take initiative. The spirit of collaboration that we bring to relationships with both our employees and our clients gives us an advantage.”

Wright believes that surrounding itself with the right people is an important part of a business’ success. “We make sure to work with top notch individuals who are always trying to stay ahead, and that includes the staff at South Shore Bank.”