Cottage Caregivers

Cottage Caregivers of Hanover is a home care agency that provides support to the geriatric population of Plymouth, Norfolk, and Bristol counties as well as the broader Eastern Massachusetts communities. Their invaluable service to families in the community aids those who need help with caring for their elderly parents, many of whom have dementia or ambulatory issues. The service Cottage Caregivers provides finds a need here because these areas in the South Shore have one of the highest proportions of elderly population in the state. The organization has a strong family ethos and focus; and is owned and led by a two-family team. Manish Deopura who represents the Deopura Family Investment, provides the strategic lead for Cottage Caregivers; and Karen Carroll, who is the sister of the founder Sean McDonnell, provides the operational leadership. 

Manish, Karen and their respective families find a strong sense of purpose in their work because Cottage Caregivers’ impact on the community is not just limited to the care the seniors receive but through their work, they serve the families of the respective seniors as well. 

When Manish and his mother first spoke with South Shore Bank CEO and President, Jim Dunphy, they appreciated that he took the time to meet in person and left the conversation with a very favorable opinion, feeling that Cottage Caregivers “didn’t have to think of anywhere else to bank”. Jim’s personal touch was a key element that helped Manish and their team decide that South Shore Bank was the right option that would help Cottage Caregivers achieve their goals and make them more visible in the community. 

The responsiveness of each team member at South Shore Bank and the interaction Manish and Karen have had with our team members has made a positive impression overall. Manish frequently visits the Norwell branch, where Personal Banking Manager, Andrew Taccini, has been very helpful in assisting with his transactions. Our Cash Management Relationship Manager recently assisted him with Setting up the ACH payment modules, allowing for both incoming and outgoing direct debit ACH. He also believes that the online banking system with mobile deposits is well laid out and easy to use. All these aspects have amplified Manish’s belief that he made the right decision in banking with South Shore Bank for all his small business needs. 

Manish and Karen feel that South Shore Bank shows a dedication to going above and beyond at spreading the word to make their business (and other similar businesses) stand out in the community. Karen will be participating in this year’s Leadership Metro South program which will be conducted in partnership by Metro South Chamber of Commerce and South Shore Bank. The program selects participants from a diverse pool of applicants and leads them through a year-long immersive learning curriculum, creating a close-knitted cohort of individuals and leaders who belong to a diverse set of industries and small businesses and are committed to transformative leadership in our community. 

Manish and Karen believe that South Shore Bank is perfect for the needs of small businesses and would recommend us to others because of the positive experiences they have had with both the people and the services of the Bank.