Commonwealth Building, Inc.

Commonwealth Building, Inc has provided first-class construction services throughout the New England Region and Upstate New York for over forty years.  

We recently heard from Chris Fontaine, President and Chief Executive Officer of Commonwealth Building, now headquartered in Rockland, MA. He has been with the company for his entire career, including two college internships. With over two decades of professional experience and multiple positions held within the company, one of Chris’ core values is to enhance the company culture and the experience of all Commonwealth Building team members.  

Much like the spirit of South Shore Bank, he believes that the professional and personal growth of their employees is an integral part of the day-to-day operations that contribute to the success of the business. The company believes that its strength has always been its people and that the ‘team-first’ approach has allowed Commonwealth Building to develop a great workplace culture, valuing quality and retaining the best talents in the construction business.  

“As always, we are looking for partners and a team approach for all aspects of our business,” Chris told us. “Paul Moriarty, Commercial Banking Relationship Manager, Stephen DiPrete, Chief Commercial Banking Officer, and the rest of the team at South Shore Bank from day one aligned very well with this approach. They value long-term relationships and do an amazing job promoting and supporting their clients.” 

Speaking of his recent experience with South Shore Bank, Chris added, “The hands-on in-person communication and service is what made the difference for me - when I recently worked with Paul Moriarty for our commercial lending needs and line of credit, he was there every step of the way for me, guiding and assisting to ensure a seamless closing.”   

Chris recommends South Shore Bank as a lender, “South Shore Bank is an amazing community bank that is committed to helping their clients succeed and prosper.”