Leadership South Shore

What Participants Say About the Program

Abigail Mojica - Class of 2019

“Leadership South Shore has been such an eye-opening and profound experience . . . The experience has allowed me to grow in: awareness, appreciation and commitment to the South Shore community at large. The cohort is amazing and the lessons learned priceless, but my greatest realization was the importance of connecting with others to bring about sustainable social justice and meaningful change. The program impacts different people in different ways and that speaks to the richness of the curriculum and the fact that EVERYONE in this program will have a unique takeaway.” 

Abigail Mojica
Class of 2019
Chief Operations Officer
The Arc of the South Shore, Inc.

Catie Reilly - Class of 2018

“Being involved with Leadership South Shore has been an enriching experience for me both personally and professionally, helping to expand my perspective of the South Shore and all that it has to offer. More importantly, it’s been a true pleasure to work alongside the cohort – a motivated group of difference makers who provoke thoughtful discussion, put ideas into action, and are helping our community to thrive.” 

Catie Reilly
Class of 2018
Associate Director of Development
Father Bill’s and Main Spring

Eddie Liao - Class of 2018

“Leadership South Shore has been a tremendous opportunity to not only meet influential and dedicated leaders in the area, but to learn about amazing services and resources in our South Shore communities. From the bus rides and the diverse panel discussions, to the quiet reflection in our journals and everything in between, the curriculum brings together a wealth of leaders and influencers in a unique and effective forum” 

Eddie Liao
Class of 2018
Vice President, Clinical & Ancillary Services
South Shore Health Systems

Heather Webb, CPA - Class of 2017

“Leadership South Shore expanded my network of connections to growing and established leaders. I now feel that I have a deeper understanding of the endless benefits to living and working on the South Shore, of all the region has to offer and of ways I can work to positively influence the area.” 

Heather Webb, CPA
Class of 2017
Chief Financial Officer
Bristol Brothers Development

Jeff Forsythe - Class of 2017

“My participation in the 2017 South Shore Leadership program has proven to be an outstanding experience. As a practicing business professional on the South Shore, for over 30 years, this program has provided me with invaluable insights, validation of all the reasons why I choose to live and work on the South Shore, and numerous opportunities for meaningful engagement.” 

Jeff Forsythe
Class of 2017
Jack Conway, Realtors

Patrick Powers - Class of 2019

“Leadership South Shore has been one of the best experiences of my professional career. As someone who relocated to the South Shore it’s helped me learn about vital factors in the local economy and population, as well as meet with key influencers and decision makers in the area. Hands down the best part is meeting with other leaders within our cohort group, it’s wonderful to get to know others who are passionate about giving back to the area in which we live. I can’t thank South Shore Bank and the South Shore Chamber enough for hosting this amazing program.” 

Patrick Powers
Class of 2019
Senior Branch Manager
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Kim Kroha, Esq. - Class of 2017

“The Leadership South Shore program has been an eye-opening experience, taking me out of my normal work routine to focus on how I can collaborate with other leaders I’ve met through the program to affect regional change.” 

Kim Kroha, Esq.
Class of 2017
Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro, P.C.

Stanley Blackmur - Class of 2018

“My experience with South Shore Bank’s Leadership South Shore program has been far more than I expected. I find myself through the presentation of the program and through my peers in the program looking at businesses and organizations here on the south shore with more intent and understanding and more passion than I had previously. This program gives the participants insight and thought provoking experiences that can and will benefit the community as a whole.” 

Stanley Blackmur
Class of 2018
Black Rock Advertising

Bernadette Ward - Class of 2019

“The Leadership South Shore program has been an incredible experience for me. This opportunity has been more than I would have ever expected. The knowledge and awareness I am gaining about some of the daily accomplishments, missions and struggles of companies and individuals in the South Shore community that I live and work in is beyond impressive. I feel so enlightened, energized and proud to spread the information that I am learning to others in my community so they can feel the same sense of true “community”. There are so many people working so hard to improve the quality of life for so many. The present cohorts and alumni have been an added benefit for increasing my contacts and colleagues in the South Shore Community. “ 

Bernadette Ward
Class of 2019
VP of Clinical Operations
Norwell Visiting Nurses Assoc. & Hospice

Why this Program?

Informed leaders make informed decisions. Leaders and emerging leaders play an important role in the workplace, in their homes and in our communities. Leadership South Shore allows these emerging leaders to be well versed in the opportunities and challenges unique to our region, and truly believes that knowledge of community issues leads to a transformative, positive community influence. 

Leadership South Shore was established to develop, connect and inspire a diverse group of experienced and emerging leaders. We've succeeded in increasing civic engagement that build vibrant communities and strengthen the region.

Program Content

Our yearlong, "thought provoking" community leadership program examines regional issues through the perspectives of experts, on-site visits, readings, discussion groups, and other experiential activities. Programs take place October through May with a September graduation date. To learn more about the content of our program days, check out topics we explore below.

Interested in applying?

To date the application process has run from April 1 to May 15, however due to the uncertainty caused by the recent Covid-19 issue we are postponing the application process until further notice.

Questions about Leadership South Shore can be directed to leadership@southshorebank.com

There is a Tuition Fee to participate in the program which covers all program-related activities and materials, meals during program days, and transportation to offsite programs.