uChoose Rewards® 

Earn Points and enjoy rewards with the South Shore Bank uChoose Rewards® program! Every time you use your South Shore Bank Debit Mastercard® and sign for your transactions you'll earn a point for every two dollars you spend!

Ready to start earning rewards? Simply register your South Shore Bank Debit Mastercard® with uChoose Rewards® and start earning points on every transaction you sign for!  You can also earn Special Points* rewards for purchases at participating retailers.

*A qualifying purchase is a transaction at which both you and your South Shore Bank Mastercard® are present and you sign for the purchase at the time the transaction is processed. NOTE: PINed transactions, Telephone orders and Online transactions do not qualify. Some online transactions performed at a participating merchant's website may earn points. Log into your uChoose Rewards® account for a listing of these participating merchants.

**Special Points rewards must be activated by logging into your uChoose Rewards® account.