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Building Strong Foundations of Financial Literacy


We are committed to paving a path toward a secure financial future for those we serve. We believe in giving the communities innovative programs, and delivering complex subject matter in engaging ways. To that end, we have partnered with Money Experience in our pursuit to help invest in a more financially literate community.

Financial literacy is not one-size-fits-all, because different people value different things. We’re interested in helping make the connection between an individual’s priorities and their financial decisions, and in helping people understand “why” financial concepts are important as well as just “how” to deal with them.

Money Experience personal finance products take a unique, personalized approach to financial education. Emphasizing quality of life and personal priorities, the life simulator and built-in graphic novel help users gain perspective on how their choices — fiscal and otherwise — affect their futures.



South Shore Bank sponsors the Financial Scholars Program to make it available to schools at no cost, many of which are mandated to teach financial education but lack the funding for a qualified curriculum. To ask about bringing the South Shore Bank Financial Scholars Program to your school, email Mark Coletta at MColetta at southshorebank dot com

South Shore Bank is sponsoring financial education programs developed by Money Experience, an unaffiliated third party. South Shore Bank is not responsible for the content of the financial education programs.