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Cashflow Management

Zero Balance Account

A Zero Balance Account is a business checking account that allows customers to consolidate balances from multiple sub-accounts into a single master account. A Zero Balance Account enables a company to segregate the collection and disbursement of cash.


  • Eliminates daily monitoring of various accounts and the necessity of making repeated transfers between accounts.
  • Gives you the option of establishing accounts solely for accounting or general ledger reporting, thereby insuring “idle funds” do not remain in the account after daily posting.

Investment Sweep

An Investment Sweep is an investment account that maximizes the value of your business checking account balances by automatically investing excess funds overnight while still allowing for the movement of funds back to the checking account to cover presented payments.

Investment Sweep Options

  • Repurchase Agreement Sweep


  • Competitive yields
  • Earn interest on idle cash
  • Repurchase Agreements backed by U.S. government securities

Loan Sweep

A Loan Sweep utilizes excess funds over a designated target balance in a checking account to be used to pay down short-term borrowings on a line of credit. If the funds in the checking account are less than the target balance, there will be a drawdown on the line of credit availability to pay the presented payables.


  • Minimizes interest expense on your line of credit and overdraft fees
  • Automated process saves time and effort

Dual Sweep

A combination of the Sweep to Investment and Loan Sweep services, based on an established target balance this sweep service uses any excess balances from your Business Checking account to pay down your outstanding loan balances or if there is no outstanding loan balance the excess funds are swept to your Repurchase Investment account. If there is a deficient balance in your Business Checking account, funds will be advanced from your Line of Credit or invested funds will be liquidated to bring your Business Checking balance up to the established target balance.

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