Jeniffer Carson is the Chief Executive Officer at CMGB3 Law where she leads a team of senior leadership team of executives, attorneys, consultants, lobbyists and policy analysts, paralegals, and professional services operations team. CMBG3 is different from other law firms in its service, philosophy, and culture. CMBG3 is a WOSB/WBENC certified majority women-owned national law firm with offices on the east and west coast of the United States.  We have decades of experience managing risk and delivering meaningful results in high-exposure, complex legal matters requiring expertise in medicine, science, and regulatory (FDA, EPA, OSHA, ADA) analysis. Our collaborative team comes together to give clients best-in-class strategic solutions and exceptional client service. Above all else at CMBG3, clients’ best interests come first.

South Shore Bank is proud to get high praise from Jeniffer who is known as a consummate problem solver, frequently called in to successfully navigate complicated negotiations, trials, and business relationships.  

Jeniffer appreciates that “on top of the client service being exceptional, I would say the single biggest and most important differentiator is that South Shore Bank’s commercial lending team has more vision than other banks in seeing the investment opportunity while also being responsible in its risk-taking.” 

CMBG3 Law uses multiple South Shore Bank services in its day-to-day operations and has been a banking client since the firm was formed in 2016. Jeniffer continues, “The SSB team is not only client-service focused but I have found the team to invest in its partnership with us and our unique circumstances. We consider South Shore Bank one of our business partners, and we could not be more appreciative of our relationship with the Bank.”   

Likewise, South Shore Bank could not be prouder of our relationship with Jeniffer Carson and CMBG3 Law.