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Online Services/eBranch

  1. What is the bank's routing number?

    South Shore Bank’s routing number is 211371447.

  2. Can I download my statement information into Quicken, Microsoft Money or an Excel spreadsheet?

    Yes, this can be done from the "Export History" link in the "History" section of online banking.

  3. What is Check 21?

    A federal law, known as Check 21, makes it easier for banks to electronically transfer check images instead of physically transferring paper checks in order to make check processing faster and more efficient. Instead of receiving cancelled checks with your monthly statement, you will receive images of your cancelled checks.

  4. How can I get a copy of a check?

    Please view your account online and select the check number you’d like to view or call our Customer Information Center at (781) 682-3715 or toll-free at (800) 660-7800 and a copy can be retrieved.

  5. What is Check Imaging?

    Image checks replace stacks of canceled checks with a clear, sharp image on your statement of each check paid (front only). This convenient service is provided to our customers at no additional charge.

  6. Where can I learn about Online Security and Identity Theft Prevention?

    You can learn about Privacy, Online Security and Identity Theft Prevention at our Privacy and Security page.

  7. How do I sign up for online bill pay?

    To sign up for Small Business Bill Payment, please call the Customer Information Center at 781-682-3240 or visit your nearest branch.