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ACH Services

Automated Clearing House (ACH) services enable you to send money electronically on predetermined dates. You may use the ACH system to make deposits to employee or vendor accounts.


  • Reduce costs and inefficiencies of producing checks
  • Manage payables more efficiently
  • Simplify payroll reconcilements
  • Access through South Shore Bank’s Business Online Banking which makes is simple to create templates, upload files and process an ACH Batch.


  • Direct Deposit
  • Preauthorized Debits
  • Cash Concentration
  • Disbursements
  • Vendor Payments
  • Tax Payments

Wire Transfer

Securely transfer funds both domestic and international in real time from the convenience of wherever you need to be!


  • Safe and secure method of payment
  • Mobile wire approval capability if you’re on the go
  • Create and save wire templates to make recurring payments
  • Receive incoming wire notification via email or online

Business Debit MasterCard®

Combine the power of a check with the convenience of a credit card! Use your card anywhere you see the debit MasterCard® logo. Purchases are deducted directly from your business checking account, just like writing a check. Your Debit BusinessCard also works as an ATM card, allowing you access to your accounts at ATMs everywhere.

Pre-Paid Cards

Pre-paid cards are simply a plastic alternative to carry money. The cards are preloaded with amounts of your choice.


  • Use where ever Debit MasterCard® is accepted
  • Freedom to shop in-store, online or by phone
  • Check balances online
  • Anyone can buy or give (and is fully transferable) to another recipient
  • Many designs to choose from

Reloadable Cards

Reloadable Debit MasterCard® eliminates the need for a checking account.


  • Direct deposit funds, including a paycheck
  • Pay bills online and get cash at ATMs
  • No credit check required
  • Check balances online

Have questions? Need more information?

Contact our Cash Management Team through our Business Contact Us Form or call us at (781) 682-3240.