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Rebranding FAQs

Q: Why are we rebranding?

All good brands reevaluate their strategy and branding as the business changes and evolves to be relevant to current and future needs.

South Shore Bank has grown to become a leading mutual bank, serving the needs of consumers and businesses across our diverse communities.  Coinciding with our growth is an opportunity to modernize and reposition our brand so that it better reflects who we are as a company and is even more relevant to our employees, clients, and the communities we serve.

Q: Is our rebranding just about changing our logo?

No, the rebranding initiative is much more than a new logo or look.  At its core, the rebranding is about redefining our brand strategy, including our brand purpose, which articulates why we exist and reflects the beliefs that inspire us to make a difference. 

Q: What is the new South Shore Bank brand?

Our new branding comes from the core of who we are – a belief that the most valuable and enduring success is success that is shared with those around us. And together, we work to help our people, clients and communities build shared success.

Q: What do we mean by Sharing Success?  

Sharing Success is more than a tagline. As a mutual bank, it means we commit to the needs of clients rather than to the demands of investors. For us, success means more funds to share with the communities we live and work in.

  • It means that we nurture our valuable connections, taking the time to get to know you and the goals and dreams you have for your life or your business. You can feel comfortable knowing that your needs will be taken care of by local professionals who are connected in your community.
  • We act as a knowledgeable resource, working with you side-by-side as an insightful, trusted advisor to find out how to meet your unique needs and challenges.
  • In helping each person define and achieve their financial goals, we act as a positive catalyst that helps to build vibrant communities around a shared sense of purpose.

Q: What does the new logo represent/mean?  

Our South Shore Bank logo is the cornerstone of our brand identity system and signals the dynamic and pivotal role we play in supporting our clients. The four overlapping ripples are designed to convey a sense of movement and energy with the center suggestive of the focus and attention we place on our personal clients, business clients, communities, and employees. The diamond shape is representative of quality products and services.

Q: Is our rebranding part of a merger, acquisition or IPO/going public?

Our rebranding is NOT part of a merger or acquisition or going public.  South Shore Bank is an independent mutual bank focused on serving our clients, employees, and communities.

Q: Did the company name change?

No, we are still South Shore Bank.

Q: Are there any organizational or leadership changes that are part of the rebranding?

No, there are no planned changes in our organizational structure or leadership that is a part of the rebranding.

Q: What is the timeline for this change? 

Starting in October, we will begin to roll out our new brand, ensuring there is no disruption to how we serve our clients. You will begin to see our new logo and branding on our website and eStatements with additional changes happening over time.

This purposeful ongoing rollout of our new brand will continue into 2021 with service enhancements that prove our commitment to you and your success.

Q: Is there anything I need to do because of the rebranding?

No action is required of clients. 

Q: Where can I ask questions or provide feedback on the new brand?

You can contact our Client Information Center at cic at southshorebank dot com or 781.682.3715 with any questions, comments, or ideas.