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  1. Sampson Lumber

    “South Shore Bank really listened to us and gave us exactly what we were looking for . . state of the art technology combined with local, personal attention.” Dianne Sampson, Sampson Lumber.

    Sampson Lumber

    “Working with South Shore Bank is one of the best decisions we’ve made,” Dianne Sampson is quick to offer when talking about her experience with the us.This year, 2018, marks Sampson Lumber’s 40th year in business. Located in Pembroke, Sampson Lumber is a family owned business specializing in servicing contractors with their extensive supply of building materials: lumber (of course) and additionally, roofing, siding, kitchen cabinets, doors, windows and much more. Although 80% of their business is with contractors, Sampson is also well known to residential customers for their beautiful kitchen design display space.

    It was just over a year ago that South Shore Bank Corporator, Don LaLiberte invited Dianne to look into South Shore Bank. Dianne connected with Retail Officer, Cathy Cavicchi, at South Shore Bank’s Pembroke branch about moving their deposits to South Shore Bank. Subsequently, Dianne was introduced to Dan Picha, First Vice President of Commercial Services who structured several credit products designed to meet Sampson’s specific business needs. Both Cathy and Dan are thrilled to be working with Dianne and Sampson Lumber. “As a regional bank, we know the South Shore and we love serving locally based businesses and meeting all their unique business needs,” says Dan.

    According to Dianne, the banks that Sampson had previously done business with, had offered them one size fits all, cookie cutter services. Before moving to South Shore Bank, Sampson Lumber interviewed two other banks but it was only South Shore Bank “… that really listened to us and gave us exactly what we were looking for like state of the art technology combined with local, personal attention.”

    Besides the great service provided by South Shore Bank, Ms. Sampson reports that Sampson Lumber is saving upwards of $1,000 a month in bank fees. Dianne and her family find South Shore Bank to be “very user friendly and straightforward.” She goes on to say that when she works with South Shore Bank, “I feel like I’m talking to a person, not a stuffed shirt.”

  2. Troupe Waste & Recycling

    “I chose to bank with South Shore Bank because like my own business, South Shore Bank is a local business." Doug Troupe, Troupe Waste & Recyling

    Troupe Waste & Recycling

    Troupe Waste and Recycling, founded in 2004, is a local family business with a dedication to quality. Troupe takes pride in their experienced and courteous crews who offer fast and dependable services at competitive prices to both residential and commercial clients. In addition to trash pickup, the company offers single-stream recycling of cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum, and rents out Roll-Off dumpsters for construction and cleanouts in 4 different sizes.

    Company co-owner, Douglas Troupe, was happy to share his experience banking with South Shore Bank.

    Troupe says he “chose to bank with South Shore Bank because like my own business, South Shore Bank is a local business.

    The young entrepreneur continued, “with larger banks, getting personalized service has always been an issue, but with South Shore Bank I get personal service and access to products that are customized to my business needs.”

    Doug spends much of his time on the road and being able to stop by a branch anywhere from Pembroke to Stoughton is a real plus. The locations throughout the South Shore provide the convenience Troupe is looking for. “It’s so much better than banking with a large corporate machine over a 1-800 number. People are the greatest asset South Shore Bank has. Working with the staff at South Shore Bank has been fantastic – they are sincere about wanting to assist me and my business.”

    As a growing business, Troupe Waste and Recycling wanted a bank that could meet their growing needs. “Our relationship with South Shore Bank has grown over the years and will continue to grow into the future,” concludes Troupe.

  3. LaserLight Skin Care

    “The services South Shore Bank provided in evaluating my business needs and the financing rates they quoted were far superior to what other banks were offering.” Patty Funder, LaserLight Skin Clinic

    Patty Funder, Laserlight Skin Care

    LaserLight Skin Clinic, located in Norwell, provides skin rejuvenation treatments, hair removal and teeth whitening services all in a place that is private, cost-effective, professional and welcoming.

    Patty Funder previously worked as a Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance manager in the Medical Device and Biotech industry, but her entrepreneurial spirit led to her to open the laser clinic in July 2006. “I saw people spending money on skin care methods and products that either did not work, or which were not accessible to the average person,” said Patty. “I created LaserLight to give everyone an opportunity to look his or her best.”

    Patty initially learned about South Shore Bank a business networking group to which she belonged. Additionally, Patty’s mother banked at South Shore Bank, and Patty appreciated the care and the personal assistance the bank’s staff showed her mother. When Patty made a decision to grow LaserLight to a new level, she chose South Shore Bank. “The people at South Shore Bank worked with me like they were members of my own business team,” said Patty. “The service they provided in evaluating LaserLight’s needs and the financing rates they quoted, were far superior to what other banks were offering.” Currently, Patty conducts both her business and personal banking with SSB. “The benefits and breadth of South Shore Bank’s personal and business banking services far exceeded anything I was getting at other banks,” said Patty. “I tell people all the time that they should do their banking with South Shore Bank.”

    Laserlight Skin Care logo

  4. PES Associates, Inc.

    “South Shore Bank has all the assets of a big bank but has a neighborhood feel.” Stephan White, PES Associates, Inc.

    PES Associates, Inc.

    Stephan White is President of PES Associates, Inc. is headquartered in Hingham. The firm provides environmental and engineering services throughout North America. PES Associates, Inc. clients include several Fortune 500 Companies, local and national banks, investors, developers and industrial companies. PES Associates, Inc. provides their clients the information and expertise needed to make sound real estate decisions. The firm’s services include environmental consulting, property needs assessments, indoor air quality, and remediation. PES Associates, Inc. credits its success to its incredible staff and the successful solutions they deliver to clients.

    Stephan says he banks with South Shore Bank “because they understand my needs and are extremely friendly. They know my business and they know me.”

    Stephan reports that he has a great relationship with his loan officer who, along with other members of the Bank team, is extremely accessible. “South Shore Bank has all the assets of a big bank but has a neighborhood feel – it’s personal service, not lip service,” shares Stephan. If asked to describe his experience with South Shore Bank in one word, Stephan quickly answers “Exceptional”!

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