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Privacy and Security




As we continue to adopt new technologies, we realize that many of our customers have concerns about personal privacy policies. We wanted to address some of those concerns.


Important Information about the Heartbleed Bug 4/11/14

You may have recently read or heard about the Heartbleed SSL bug, which is a defect in a type of encryption technology, called OpenSSL. It is behind many “https” sites that collect personal or financial information. Experts discovered the bug recently and warned that cybercriminals could exploit it. South Shore Bank has no evidence that any of our systems have been improperly accessed due to this vulnerability.

Below are two FAQs to help address questions you may have.

Is my bank account safe?
Yes, consumers are always protected from any unauthorized transactions. Let the Bank know immediately if you suspect any unusual activity. We use many different systems to protect customer information including rigorous security standards, encryption and fraud detection software.

What can I do?
As always, it is a good idea to update your password every few months. Also, monitor your account regularly and report suspicious transactions to the Bank immediately. Beware of phishing scams or emails with malicious links that will attempt to get additional sensitive information from you.

Please note South Shore Bank treats your privacy and security with the utmost importance. If you have any questions, please call our Customer Information Center at (781) 682-3715.


Potential Phishing Attempt 3/26/2014

South Shore Bank has been made aware of a recent phishing attempt via text message from BSouth Shore Bank Alert.  The text message informs the customer that their debit card has been temporarily deactivated and provides a phone number for card services.  The phone number does answer, “Card Services 24 Hour Card Activation Service”; explains the card needs to be reactivated due to recent software updates; asks for the account number; expiration date and PIN.

Please remember the Bank will never alert you via text about an issue with your debit card or account.

If you responded to this text, please immediately notify the Bank and we will deactivate the card and reissue a new card.

Please contact the Bank’s Customer Information Center at (781) 682-3715 or toll free at (800) 875-3553

Privacy Policy Statement

Learn more about Identity Theft

Be aware of Phishing and how it works

Report a lost or stolen ATM card or Debit MasterCard®

Online Shopping? Sign up for MasterCard® SecureCode™

The following pertain to all web site interactions, including information given through e-mail and information request forms.

  • We will clearly disclose our customer confidentiality policies.
  • Our employees are not allowed to access customer information unless they have been given specific permission for the purpose of carrying out the Bank's business.
  • No employee will discuss or disclose any customer information unless given specific permission for the purpose of carrying out the Bank's business.
  • We will only collect, maintain, and use information from or about our customers as specifically required to transact business with our customers.
  • We will exercise a reasonable level of control to ensure accuracy of customer information. Errors that are found and/or reported will be promptly corrected.
  • Third parties authorized to access customer information will be subject to the above policies.

Completing an information request form?
Any information provided to us through our web site (i.e. e-mail or information request forms) will be used solely for answering customer questions, or conducting Bank business. Demographic information, including name, age, e-mail or mailing addresses will not be distributed, or sold, to any outside source.

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