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Q:How do I contact customer service?
Q:Where can I visit a South Shore Bank location?
Q:What if I've lost my ATM or debit card and need a replacement?
Q:Where can I learn about Online Security and Identity Theft Prevention?
Q:What is the bank’s routing number?
Q:How safe are my deposits?
Q:What is the SUM Network?
Q:How do I sign up for online bill pay?
Q:Can I download my statement information into Quicken, Microsoft Money or an Excel spreadsheet?
Q:What is Check Imaging?
Q:What is Layered Authentication?
Q:What is Check 21?
Q:How can I get a copy of a check?
Q:What is Mobile Banking?
Q:What services are available with Mobile Banking?
Q:What type of accounts can be accessed with Mobile Banking?
Q:Is there a cost to use Mobile Banking?
Q:How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?
Q:What phones are supported for Mobile Banking?
Q:Does Mobile Banking require any software to be loaded into the phone?
Q:Is Bill Pay available through Mobile Banking?
Q:What do I need to do if I upgrade or change my phone for the APP option?

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