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South Shore Bank Debit MasterCard® with UChoose Rewards

Use your Debit MasterCard® at restaurants, gas stations, department stores - anywhere Debit MasterCard® is accepted.

  • Debit MasterCard® purchases are deducted directly from your personal checking account, just like writing a check.
  • Plus, it's your ATM card, allowing you access to your South Shore Bank accounts at ATMs everywhere.

UChoose Rewards Points

Every time you use your South Shore Bank Debit MasterCard® and sign for your transaction you will earn rewards points. This also includes online purchases and automatic payments using your Debit MasterCard®.

  • You will earn one point for every two dollars you spend.
  • During the payment process when you are asked "Debit or Credit," select the "Credit" option.
  • PIN based transactions do not earn rewards points.

View Your UChoose Rewards Points

To view your Live It Up Rewards balance and see all the rewards available, visit

Avoid ATM surcharges with the SUMSM Network!

South Shore Bank is a member of the SUMSM program, so you can avoid surcharges by using participating SUMSM ATMs.

Consumers can now download the SUMSM application for free from iPhone, Android or BlackBerry app stores. By launching the SUMSM App, cardholders can find the location of the nearest SUMSM ATM by entering an address, zip code or their current location.

Just look for the SUMSM logo when you need cash.

Click here for a list of participating SUMSM Network locations.


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